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Message to all mankind

(Some people may find that I have a slight accent, have no fear, it is not contagious and it could even be charming if the subject was not so serious.)

I am making this video to talk about the Conseil National Of Transition which is in englishn The National  Transitional Council.
We decleared our french NTC in the UN in 2015 and other countries in the world  have followed us and  created their own .
A NTC is the only legal structure that the international law recognize and it is perfectly legal  to create a NTC  when the leaders of a country  stop to respect and follow the basic laws of  the  constitution and their human rights of that country .
It is happening in France and in  other countries  as you may know .
I am going to talk to you about the  actual and real  France , not the the France that your medias , probably as corrupted as ours  , are showing you . But the France where millions of us live and suffer every day .
First I am introducing myself :  My name is  Eric Fiorile .
I was one of the first  whistle blowers who talked about the New World Order and the Bilderberg club , a major group acting on their behalf  and supervising all the Western gouvernements.
I am today  the leader of the french resistance , the only party , legaly declared ,  opposing the actual french politic systeme which is illegally ruling us .
In France , like in many other countries , there is a dissidence which  is divided in 2 groups.
One part are the people who are half informed , they randomly did discover the activities of the New World Order because they came across some anomalies during  their activities.
It can happen to career people like doctors , scientific and military  people or teachers or it can happen to people who are on social media , trying to find solutionsb for all kind of issues .
Searching for answear they share and recieve informations that are relevant but those informations are incomplete ,
and those people can not connect the dotes between the New World Order and the actual political system .
The other part of the dissidence is the one of the people who have a complete knowledge of  the NWO .
Basically  they are the readers , they are people who search archives or do investigations . They are researchers .
Some of  us the dissidents have found a solution to the glibal issue and danger of the NWO and we created the National Transitional l Council. ( I will talk latter about it ) .
They are ten of thousands of those dissidents and they come from all walk of life.
They are lawyers ,judges, econimistes , journalistes, writers, scientists …
They have developped a concept that I will explain in a moment .
The world genocide  started , you know that already.
We know the NWO manages populations in every country through  different cults. We know that the politicians , the ones in the highest offices , the ones who have power and are in control of the money , are also connected to a spiritual side , a dark side which is responsible for many pedophilia scandals .
France is a bastion for the freemason and therefore the pedocriminality as well as The satanic rituals are prominent and well protected by the justice and the lawenforcement .
Many cases have been kept hidden . Children mass burials have been discovered and the public was never told about them . Notorious pedophiles have been part of the political elite. Whistle blowers like Corinne Gouget  who denounced the poisonous additifs or Claire Severac , whose work and studies focus on the world genocide , strangly disappear .
One was suicided, the other got a mortal disease.And so many journalistes were eliminated because they are thruth speakers . Natacha Polony is our last exemple .
Because France has been the n° 1 country of the human rights in world history and the symbol of human liberty , it is now the first ennemy to eliminate for the one who want to start a tyranic world governement .
Now I am going to explain to you what is really going on in France , so that you can compare with what is happening in your own country  and pay more attention to understand events that did happen or will happen .
Since the establishement of the french republic over 150 years ago, all the french governements come from the freemasons and follow their cult orders , which itself is ruled by the high international freemason lodge.But since Sarkozy  the club Bilderberg is running France. Sarkozy was introduced in France by americans services , that made him the head of France . First he put the french army under american control through the OTAN and France was no longer independant . Then he started the  
<< privatizations >> , a way to sale our french heritage and made a good chunk of money for himself . He sold a large part of our gold reserves ( 600 tonnes ) still to the americans . Then he did divide our army by putting  the gendarmery  under the interior minister orders , that the freemason are exclusively in charge of .
Finally Sarkozy violated the french legislation by illegally modifying the french constitution and denying people their
<< human rights >>  which in France are at the highest legal hierarchy level .
Legally France is not a part of the EU because french people voted No in the 2005 referendum and in France ,because our constitution , the people are << sovereign >> .
To finish  Sarkozy organized a coup in the Ivory  Coast that did benefit the multinationales . And he started to instigate the revolution in Syria .
After Sarkozy we got Holland whose mission was to finish to sale our french heritage , which profited the americans to whom he also released some land to create an army base. His mission was also to introduce two Bilderberg members in the french politic : Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron who he appointed ministers. Because their legislations , both of them contributed to raise the unemployement and empoverish the french people as many small businesses had to close down .
They also restricted our freedom when they declared a state of emergency after 3 deadly attacks they let happen on the french territory ( many policemen and journalistes assure that the governement contributed to those .attacks , even by just ordering the law enforcement to don’ t get involved ). Hundred of people got killed in those attacks that were attribuated to the islamistes, which did raise hate toward musulmans . Our french constitution  and human rights were then suppressed .To instaure the patriot act the governement in France copied what  the americans did after  the 9 11 .
Finally Holland was actively involved in the attempt to destabilize Syria and many other african  countries , which was a pretext for the european invasion . Most of the migrants are men between the age of 18 to 40 , very little are syrian . Those refugies come from different radical mouvements and are trained terrorist.
The mass immigration  that we are enduring  is getting more and more dangerous as our politicians have planned to destroy our christian churches and replace them with mosques  preparing us for a civil war which will be more and more dificult to control as the time  goes.
To close with this personnage Holland , he used his position and found way through the governement to bring Macron upfront on the political scene and made him win the presidency by rigging the elections . That was an easy task as it was his own governement Valls Macron who did organize the elections . Our judicial system could not react to that fraud as its independance was remooved by Manuel Valls decree signed December 5  2016.
Anyway the highest representatives of the justice institution are chosen by the governement  and the heads of << the court of cassassion >> are so involved in dirty businesses that they are not free to talk .  The last option 
<< the constitutional council >> lost its power when they placed Laurent Fabius , another Bilderberg member , to run it . Fabius was already renowned being in court for many serious criminal cases .
Since the first attack  << Charlie Hebdo >> all our human rights have been suppressed .We live under an absolute dictature . No one is safe in their own home . Our politics can now have anyone arrested without arrest warant  and any reason . They can search and seize whatever they want from people home . They can take and keep any one in custody without explanation . Our police and gendarmerie became private  mercenary  for the authority and no longer  enforce the law ! We are loosing our  economic cultural and intelectual heritage  and Macron is obviously in place to ripe us all of what is left of France our country .He is going to sale to the americans our last  assets ncluding our main public institutions .
All that is an obvious violation of the french law which prevent to sale our large companies , don’t  allow to change the constitution without people consent ,don’ t allow to suppress the human rights . We can not give our military secrets to foreign powers and we can not let  foreign governements run our country , like the Monsanto law that forbide our farmers to use their own seeds .
More serious and damaging is what is coming with Macron , who belongs to the Bilderberg club and is a former Rothschild banker , who wants to legalize pedophilia , wants to force the families to vaccinate very young children by already signing laws to that effect .11 vaccins are mandatory , which is another violation and parents who refuse will go to jail . So or you accept those vaccins that will poison your child and prevent him or her to reach the normal intellectual potential or the governement will take the child away from you . These laws are the first step before to give implants to all the population . The RFID implant is already given in many maternities .
Regarding the sexe   our leaders are obviously obsessed .
They started to establish a school program teaching sexualty in kidney garden and pushing  teenagers to  pornography and sexual deviation  .
Referring to the MK Ultra researches , all the 
psycho!ogues are warning of the destructive effect this program has on mentality .
Sexual obsession , destruction of the childhood , social retriction , privileges of the big businesses , mercenary police,disappearance of justice , disappearance of free press , internet censorship , suppression of citizens rights , 
Rigged elections , and absolute disregard of our fundamentalist laws , national education destroying our culture , civil war coming  because the mass immigration they are imposing on us  and like in Greece sale of our french national heritage …
And some still dare to say that France is not under dictature !!!
SO , people well aware know :
• That it is a worldwide problem.
• That France disappearing means the end of the Human Rights and that Europe is going to be subordinated to the United States which already control Germany .
• That the freemasons are in control of societies and populations in the world through governements and their different politic party.
• That the only reason our politic leaders are still in power , it is because the law enforcement internationally has stopped to respect the Rights of the populations .
That is why us french citizens created in 2015 the Transitional National Council , that was declared in the UN also in 2015 . and which is the only  structure recognized in international Rights .
This structure becomes legal as soon as governements stop to follow the founding laws in a country  or , like it hapened in France , cancel the Constitution to take over full power . Several  TNC has been declared in the world in many countries and many are in the process of being declared , in Europe , in Africa and  in South America . The concept is a transitional time when people receive the true informations of what is really going on , and are free to make up their mind and decide what kind of governement they want .
Even though the icelandic people were able to get ride of their politicians and take back the power in their country , the media did not talk about that event , and citizens of other countries never learn from the icelandic people  of the actions they could take and make things happen to take back their country .
But if that would happen in France , in the country of the Human  Rights , then a worldwide shake up would happen and many countries would then free themselves from their corrupt politicians , and would reduce to nothing the power of the cults .
In France , the resistance is still weak because the lake of informations . we are ten of thousands members and 300 are actifs and form the first part of the transitional governement that was planned . They are ready to take office .Among them are , attorneys , economists , philosophes , scientists, but also workers , officials , entrepreneurs , doctors , teachers , unemployed etc etc . They  have worked altogether  to develop a specific program ( that other NTC  in others countries are also following )  which objectifs are the following : 
   • Restore the Rule Of Law by bringing back the  << Declaration Of Human Rights And Citizen >> so that the law enforcement  begin to arrest the politic leaders , all punishable under the penal code of a minimum of 15 years incarceration .
   • Cancellation of the national debt , which is a bogus debt , and put in place a universal income to restart the
 economy with the creation of an indepedant currency .
   • Launch the creation of a lawfull constitution drafted and agreed by the people of the nation .
   • Creation of a new TV channel that will give  the real truthfull informations .
   • Immediate release of public utility patents.
   • Restoration of a true health and education assistance .
   • Creation of a Supreme Court of justice based on 
 << Basic Human Rights >> .
So these are the main points that will unable us to save our country France , and that will probably be usefull to save other countries .
France today , like at the end of the 18 th century , has hope for a new change , with 300 citizens in charge , ready to start and shift paradigme  and encourage other nations to do the same and become free and refuse the wars that the New World Order leaders have perpetuated .
Citizens  every country. do not want those wars !
It is likely that many countries will adopt the court of justice of the << Natural Human Rights >> and will constitute an << Organisation Of United Nations >> which will end the actual world genocide , stop the influence of the military industry and the influence  of the pharmaco chimical multinationales .
There is an emergency in France , because our illegitimate politics  prepare some new legislations that will destroy France  which is our new governement first priority .
Their first bills : mandatory mass vaccinations  that will hurt our children , bringing pornography in the school programs , the sale of a large part of what is left of our heritage , the sale of our health institutions to pharmaceutical and health insurance companies  , are the evidence of the governement macron destructive intentions .
The protest of the population will be restrained by  the euro economic collapse , by more terrorist attacks , a more violente repression , a civil war or several of those events happening in the same time.
Defeating the most powerfull and genocidal people of this world requires considerable means , that only a worldwide solidarity can provide . We will succeed if we receive enough support and funding .If you share our views , please help us to wave our country . You can donate  and also please send this video to at least 2 persons . Take action now and visit our website  << Le Conseil National De Transition De France >> . 
You will find the text of this video translatrd in different languages and you are welcome  to translate in another language and spread the world …
Thank you to have listen and thank you for your support ,  to help us  to save the Human Rights .
Thanks also to every one who will translate the text and share this video in others countries .
If we have enough ressource , our actions will have repercussion in mañy  countries in the world and we will stop the New World Order endeavors .