Woman, may she be your mother, your sister, your wife or your daughter, is, above all, the feeder mother of the world, the waranty of a deep, protecting link between all men. And when her future is threatened, in its motherly dimension, it the future of mankind which is in danger.

Nowadays, as cold technology tends to replace maternal heat, it’s in the name of all women that I call to army to carry out the duty of protection in the line as defined by the declaration of Man’s rights represented by the French National Council for Transition, only justifiable authority.

In France, every element of the legal system is protected by another element in order to guarantee the just right. That is : the Court is overseen by a Court of Appeal, which overseen by a Court of Cassation and this, under the authority of laws made by legislative power normally checked by the Consitutional Council, according to principles given by the declaration of Man’s and Citizen’s Rights. Here is the functionning of the legal system.

This body, the highest of all, is at the same time, the founding basis of the whole system and also the highest authority of the constitutionnal block. This body is the only one which wasn’t overseen by an organ which would guarantee its integrity.

Thus, many victims in the affairs of Bataclan and Nice (Côte d’Azur, France), who had lodged a complaint so that an inquiry about the leaders would be opened, many of those complaints, have been dismissed by the representative of these leaders, the prosecutor. The victims had no legal recourse. It was, in this situation, indispensable to create an organ in order to protect and ensure the declaration of Man’s and Citizen’s Rights, to restrict the power of the politicians and give a last resort to citizens. The French National Council for Transition, only legal authority in France, representing French citizens proclaims today, the creation of a Supreme Court with that aim.

In order to be able to assume its offices according to the spirit of this declaration and simple common sense, this Court will have to stay independant from the political power and from the institutions under its control.

As consequence, only independant citizens, occupying no function in a national institution, will take those of public prosecutor, in this court named Council of Ethics. This Coucil of Ethics will have as a permanent mission the supervision of executive’s and legislative’s decisions conformity as well as national institutions functionning, according to the declaration of Man’s Rights, guaranteeing the public interest by the protection of sacred rights, inalienable and imprescriptible rights of the individual as explained in the declaration.

There will be 23 citizens involved in this Council of Ethics in order to guarantee the citizens’ diversity. Seven will be members who will elect a president among them. Seven will be substitute or complementary members and in case of a decision making, 9 others, drawn at lots, will join the assembly whose decisions will be confirmed by majority voting.

Part of the examination of the leaders decisions, this Council of Ethics will have to deal with complaint that any French citizen will be entitled to put. The Council will, depending on cases, opt either for a suspension of the law or of the decision emanating of the policical power as of any of national institutions ; or for a putting in detention on remand of decision-makers, obviously in tending to forget, rape and despise this declaration of Man’s Rights.

For this action, the Council of Ethics will have by his side, the members of law enforcements faithful to the legitimate right. Another mission will be the study and writing of an extension for the creation of an international version of the Declaration of Natural Human Rights and Duties inspired by any element from any human being without any distinction of any sort.

The conclusion of this video is a call to federate. All of us can make a statement, at that point, that all spheres of our lives are attacked : health, food, economy, justice, morals, school, education, family, gender but mainly, innocence. Innocence is the future of society, of mankind. Innocence well lived in childhood makes a healthy maturity Thus, it’s an attack against life and the alive that we undergo, all of us. And as living being, we have to protect and defend ourselves.

Within the framework of democracy which, de facto, demands that we get involved concretely and really in our society, that we built, we, as sovereign people, the French National Council for a Transition, gives a legal and justifiable framework so that we can federate all the efforts of associations of defence and protection of individuals, children, family in all areas of France as well as any person concerned by the necessity to act because we all know that Evil is proceeding through inaction of people of Good.

The French National Council for a Transition is not a hope but a reality. And if you still think that get federated and act altogether is impossible, I’ve got one thing to tell you : impossible is not French.

So, please, join us, let’s get federated and let’s act together. Today, a great deal of parents are particularly worried about their children, regarding health, school, education. The creation of this Supreme Court and the decisions of the Council of Ethics are our guarantee, for all of us, and represent a protection for the future of our children. The people around me are the little group of the French National Council for a Transition, in charge to present the general lines of the creation of this Supreme Court.

Thanks for informing around you of the creation of this new legal body : this Supreme Court and its Council of Ethics. And from now on, any person has got a recourse for defence of his rights.

Human Rights exist. They have been flouted. Now, they will be protected.